Hi there, Thanks for having the interest in my baked goods. I discovered baking through my dad when I was 8 years old. The first recipe he taught me was marble sponge cake. I remember having this yellow illustrated British children’s Cooking book that had many baked recipes and would flip through them over and over nightly before going to bed. I remember one time, I was probably 10 or 11 years old, I tried my hand at making pie crust from scratch. At that time, I didn’t know that the beans that you put in the pie crust was only supposed to act as weights so that the pie crust would not rise. Instead, I made a bean pie :/ By the way, not recommended.

Now, I bake for special occasions. Since I have a family history of diabetics and to cater to them, I have modified popular recipes to contain less sugar. Of course, I make sure that it is still tasty or supplement them with the natural sugars from the fruits. Do specify if you prefer your cakes/cookies to be sweeter and I can cater to your order.

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Aunty Joyce’s Hei Bee Hiam (250ml)

Sprinkle this over steamed lady’s fingers or for filling to white bread. You can eat it with rice just like chili on the side to spice up your meal.

Cheesy Bites (650ml)

Made with real cheddar, this cheesy bites are flaky and cheesy and so addictive!

Cornflake Cookies (650ml)

This tart cookie is a must have for your festival celebrations. It’s bite size and melts in your mouth. It’s not overly sweet as the blackcurrents balances out the flavour.

Double Chocpresso Cookies (650ml)

This cookie is filled with ground espresso beans and dark chocolate. Crunchy, chocolaty and filled with the smell of coffee.

Earl Grey Cookies (650ml)

This is a sweet and fragrant cookie. Has a strong earl grey flavor. If sophistication had a taste, it would be this!

Lavender Butter Cookies (650ml)

This unique floral butter cookie will melt in your mouth. Take a bite of this and it will make you feel fancy, I mean pinky pointing fancy! :p

Tartine Style Country Loaf

Tartine Style Sourdough Country Loaf made with love and with the help of Mother Beast San Fransisco Starter

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